June 20, 2023

Blog 7: Building Strong Client Relationships


As a Virtual Assistant, building and maintaining longterm relationships with your clients = longterm success.

Clients are the bloodline of our business, and are who keep us employed. It is important to know how to build a strong relationship with each of your clients that will last and set you both up for success! Here are a couple ways you can start building those strong client relationships

1. Effective Communication: Be clear and timely in your communication with clients. Communicate boundaries, your available hours, and how much your client wants to communicate, from the very beginning. How you start your relationship with each client sets the foundation. I always stress to my VA’s to make sure you’re over communicating on everything.

2. Understand Client Expectations: When getting started with a client, make sure to review clear expectations and tasks they want you to take care of. This helps relieve any confusion about what is supposed to be getting done daily or weekly. Have check ins with your clients and make sure you are aligning with their goals.

3. Go the extra mile: Clients love when you love and have a passion for their business. Show them this through the work you do for them. Anticipate what they might need done, as you get to know their business, before they have to ask!

4. Be Professional: Always be professional in communication and in anything you do with your clients. Make sure you are meeting deadlines and managing your time efficiently!

Remember, building strong client relationships is the key to your longterm success. So focus on communication, expectations and professionalism when starting with new clients! Pro tip: find something that can set you apart from other Virtual Assistants!

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