March 27, 2023

Top 5 Tools You Need For Your Business

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One of the most important things when owning a business is to stay organized, and to utilize tools that make your life as a CEO a little bit easier. I wanted to share some of my favorite tools that I use daily whether for my own backend purposes or for client work! PS make sure to check out some discount links I added in throughout so you can save some money!

Top business tools for success:

  • Canva Pro

Canva is my go to VERY affordable graphic design tool that I use for practically anything and everything. Canva is super user friendly and provides a wide variety of templates to start with if you’re not a “seasoned” designer. Canva is a website as well as app on computer and phone making it super convenient on the go. I personally use Canva for my own business as well for a variety of clients.

I know, I know.. there’s a million project management tools out there but personally I LOVE ClickUp and think it’s one of the more robust systems out there. I personally utilize this for business operations, agency onboarding, client information, daily tasks between my assistant and I, and so much more. ClickUp offers spaces aka departments of your business, as well as dashboards where you can house important information (links. task lists, photos, videos, etc) in one place. This is your go to for all things client project management, back end organization, and systems. Join Clickup Here

  • G-Suite

Google cal, gmail, google drive, google docs, google sheets…. you name it- USE IT. Its FREE… Aside from that typically most clients will also have a gmail account making it easy to collaborate and share docs/info through google suite!

I have tried a couple of different CRMs out there.. however I can say Honeybook takes the cake (in my opinion.) It has a super simple, easy to use, but beautiful interface with easy plug and play templates for forms, brochures, guides, and more making it easy to streamline your brand. I could go on and on about all the features I love but I could not recommend it more to you for all things lead generation, contracts, funnels, etc! Get 25% off for one year using this link here!

I like to call Flodesk the “Canva” of emails. Flodesk allows you to create beautiful emails effortlessly through their massive library of templates you can build off of. Flodesk also has an easy to use form and workflow builder for any drip campaigns or nurture sequences you or your clients may have. I have converted SO many clients to Flodesk and couldn’t recommend it more. It’s a simple way to organize different email lists and ensure you’re sending out branded marketing to stay top of mind to yours or your clients audience. Join Flodesk here and get 50% off your first year!

Let’s be real — without utilizing some of these amazing business tools, my business would not be as organized, professional or successful. So if you are needing a push for some more creativity or organization, do yourself a favor and utilize these platforms! I hope this was helpful and gave you a little insight on some ride or die platforms I LIVE by and or at least gave you some $$ off so you can try them out yourself!

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